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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Anderson Vacations Acquired by Adventures Abroad Worldwide Travel group

We take this opportunity to wish you happy New Year and to inform you of a development in the ownership structure of Anderson Vacations. Effective the start of 2016, Anderson Vacations was sold by our previous owner Corey Marshall and in turn merged with a major western Canadian travel industry partner, the BC based Adventures Abroad Worldwide Travel group.

Anderson Vacations will continue to operate as a separate and independent company based out of Calgary exactly as at present. Their talented staff including all of the divisional managers will continue to deliver the same high quality tours and packages for which Anderson Vacations has rightfully earned an industry reputation as market leader. Tour operators, travel agents and independent travellers across North America and overseas rely upon the Anderson Vacations team to plan and operate their travel package year after year and this will continue as at present. The company’s innovative marketing programs that have been developed in partnership with suppliers and destination partners will continue seamlessly.

This acquisition brings some very significant advantages to Anderson Vacations, the primary ones being related to the Adventure Abroad Group’s 29 year long experience in diverse areas of the travel industry and in their considerable digital and direct marketing skills. Jai Mukerji with over 25 years of experience in senior positions across the travel industry has been appointed as Vice President of Anderson Vacations. Combined with Anderson Vacation’s strong connections with the North American travel trade and the extensive product range this merger is a ‘win-win’ for both parties and presents an exciting opportunity for rapid growth.


Anderson Vacations Management Team


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