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3 Day Aurora Village Viewing Package

3 Days (2 Nights) | $869
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Imagine. You’re lying on your back. It’s dark. Your eyes look straight up into the sky and you feel the rugged cold of the land beneath you. Stars scatter the sky by the millions. And there you are, on your back, completely overtaken by the beauty and magic of nature’s most incredible phenomenon: The Aurora Borealis. It’s a marvel that seems to embody the mysteries at the crossroads of Heaven and Earth in all of its elegance and raw beauty. For some, it moves them to tears; for others, it strikes them silent. And for us, well, we want to share the Aurora with the world.

Day 1: Arrive in Yellowknife

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Find a secluded hilltop, settle in under a tree or nestle into a folding chair – and prepare to enjoy one of the most spectacular shows on earth. There are even heated viewing seats to help you stay out in the cold longer to enjoy the night.

Day 2: Day at leisure and aurora-viewing

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Enjoy your day at leisure or come out for an afternoon of fun and take part in dog sledding, snowshoeing or snowmobiling before getting ready for tonight’s sky show. There are multiple viewing platforms and of course, their very own lake where you can simply lie down and watch the sky above.

Day 3: Depart Yellowknife

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Depart Aurora Village and start your journey towards home.

Package Includes:

  • Return airfare from Edmonton to Yellowknife
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Two nights hotel accommodation
  • Transfers to and from your hotel to Aurora Village
  • 2 nights Aurora viewing at Aurora Village
Pricing starting from $769 plus GST

Pricing is per person, double occupancy. For full flight terms and conditions please call. Prices can change at any time without notice.

Dates: 01 AUG - 15 APR


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