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Arctic Safari


The expedition begins by exploring Greenland’s dramatic fjords and dynamic maritime communities. The great Icefjord at Ilulissat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and source of the majority of the icebergs in the North Atlantic, is one of many highlights along Greenland’s spectacular western coastline. Across the Davis Strait in Nunavut, the Canadian Arctic experience begins in Qikiqtarjuaq. As you head north, opportunities to see polar bears, whales, and musk ox abound on Devon Island, while Prince Leopold Island remains one of Canada’s best birding areas. Abandoned RCMP and HBC posts offer a haunting glimpse into the region’s rich history of exploration and trade. At Beechey Island, pay your respects at the graves of three of Sir John Franklin’s men, along with a crew member from the search ship, Investigator.

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