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Churchill Wild is the only safari company on the planet specializing in ground-level walking tours in the remote polar bear inhabited regions of the Canadian Arctic. Seven- to nine-day excursions are offered across the various seasons from three exclusive lodges accessible only by private charter aircraft, each on the Hudson Bay coastline and strategically located for maximum polar bear activity.

Churchill Wild’s authentic traveller safaris offer bucket list experiences depending on the season – from swimming and kayaking with beluga whales to photographing the stunning landscapes, Northern Lights and awe-inspiring arctic wildlife including polar bears, black bears, arctic fox, wolves and caribou, to name a few. All safaris provide heart-pounding eye level access to the polar bears that inhabit the areas surrounding the lodges.

Churchill Wild's all-inclusive safaris are offered from Winnipeg and include all flights, highly skilled and knowledgeable guides, accommodation and meals. The lodges feature all the modern comforts of home (satellite Internet included) and the finest arctic cuisine found north of the 56th parallel!

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