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Little Big Bear Safari


At Little Big Bear Safari, you will experience a unique way of viewing the black bear of America in its natural habitat in the deep forest of New Brunswick. You will learn from Richard, ‘the Bear Man’, about the life of this magnificent creature, the way they communicate, what they eat, and more. Birds, squirrels and sometimes ducks will be entertaining you as well. The scenery and the sound of water on rapids are breathtaking! Little Big Bear Safari is not a zoo. The bears are free to come and go as they please.

You will be transported with a mini bus to the foot of a secure and comfortable viewing tower, always accompanied by certified guides. Once in the tower, you will be asked to be very quiet (whisper instead of talking). For the next two hours, you are in the bear's world. Enjoy the interaction between these magnificent creatures while they play, chase one another, and fight. The little ones often climb trees while Mama Bear ferociously chases away a big male intruder. On occasion, you will see Mama Bear nurse her cubs; something you will never see elsewhere. So be sure to bring your camera/videocamera to capture this rare opportunity.

Note: Due to the nature of this activity, the minimum age is five years old. If you have questions about the bears, Richard will do his best to answer you, all while whispering. This is an adventure you will never forget! The bears are waiting for you!

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