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Meet the Cariboo Mountains - Bear Whisperer


Bears, Wildlife and Nature! This Canadian Signature Experience® immerses you in the mountain wilderness providing a unique perspective as you “see nature through the eyes of the forest”. Safely travel bear country observing grizzlies, moose, caribou, mountain goats, wolves, birds and all mountain dwellers in their natural habitat. Prepare to be amazed as this adventure takes you from lowland valleys in early spring to high alpine, boreal berry patches and salmon bearing rivers with the power to reveal the very soul of British Columbia’s iconic features. An authentic Canadian wilderness experience provoking your ‘wild within’ and discovery of the natural world giving you a wealth of lifetime memories or even life changing moments in nature.

With over 30 years experience guiding nature and wildlife travelers, Gary Zorn, known as the Bear Whisperer™, has extensive knowledge and great respect for the grizzlies. There are no viewing platforms. The animals are wild and free. Following the bears through the seasons provides opportunities to explore the diversity of the wildlife habitat and the wilderness world. This is the only place you can “Walk With The Grizzlies” as they feast on spawning salmon.

From the wilderness adventures to the comfortable welcoming homey atmosphere of the lodge with its country style gourmet fare this is a truly Canadian adventure.

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