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There is no experience quite like Manitoba. There is nothing like feeling your heart race as a polar bear strides silently mere metres away. Nowhere else holds the absolute calm of Manitoba’s many fly-in fishing lodges. Nothing thrills like immersing yourself in the different worlds that Winnipeg, our capital city has to offer. Here, our many cultures are ready to welcome you. Canada’s heart beats here. Let yours beat with it.

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Duration: 14 Days (13 Nights) $4009

Connecting the landscapes of snowy peak mountains, lush forests and emerald lakes with big blue skies, wide open spaces and freshwater lakes you will experience the warm hospitality of crossing the prairie provinces.

Duration: 3 Days (2 Nights) $295

Known for its friendly and welcoming spirit, Winnipeg is a diverse multicultural city with a rich and varied history. An aboriginal trading centre prior to the arrival of the Europeans, Winnipeg was at the heart of the country's fur trade and instrumental in developing Canada's gateway to the west. Home to a grain exchange that once rivaled the largest markets in the world, Winnipeg's architecture and neighbourhoods reflect the profound character of this small prairie town.

Duration: Classic Tour - 33 Days (32 Nights) $7,665

This tour is a “bucket list” adventure. Experience this magnificent country as you travel from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean on a tour specifically designed to show you the panoramic beauty and rich cultural diversity that is “Our Canada”!

Duration: $5,580

Prepare to be wowed! You will spend two full days on the tundra tracking along the coastline and in our touring-permit zone of the Wildlife Management Area.Each day you’ll explore the amazing Hudson Bay coastline observing the majestic Polar Bear up close and personal. Along the way, look for Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Camouflaged Ptarmigan and other wildlife. You’ll also have a Dog Mushing experience and a Cultural and Heritage Tour of his-toric Churchill, Manitoba. After your day’s adventures, you’ll return home to our cozy wood-fire heated log lodge, sumptuous local cuisine at our Lazy Bear Café, and your warm room with comfy beds and all the modern amenities.

Duration: 7 Days (6 Nights) $4200

With 60,000 beluga whales filling the Hudson Bay and polar bears leaving the pan ice, summer is the perfect time to visit Churchill. Let experienced guides take you on a jet boat tour of the bay and river estuaries where you'll see countless beluga whales. See polar bears in their summer environment on the rocks and swimming in the water. This package combines unforgettable wildlife viewing with the cozy, comfort of the Lazy Bear Lodge.

Duration: Tour of Distinction - 8 Days (7 Nights) $4,135

With 60.000 beluga whales filling the Hudson Bay and polar bears leaving the pan ice, summer is the perfect time to visit Churchill. Let the experienced guides take you on a jet boat tour of the Bay and river estuaries where you’ll see countless beluga whales.

Duration: 9 Days (8 Nights) $10,995

The Arctic Discovery will profoundly re-establish your place in nature by immersing you through time in one of the planet's untamed wilderness areas: the Canadian Arctic. You will be exposed to the history of the area, encounters with the beautiful beluga whales and polar bears, and your journey will conclude with five days deep in the heart of the coastal home and denning area of the majestic polar bear.Your immersive experience begins in Churchill, the gateway to the historical fur trade. The relative isolation of this fascinating arctic port has preserved the link between the timeless practices of the indigenous influences of the north with the modernizations of the 21stcentury. It is from Churchill that you will first encounter one of the many uniquely adapted mammals of the arctic ecosystem, the beluga. You will feel a kinship with this intelligent species as family pods curiously regard you floating among them in your kayak. Their incessant songs and chatter which permeate the water around you will remind you that we are not alone in our ability to engage in sophisticated communication.You will be then be transported to the remoteness of our Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, deep in the wilds of the Hudson Bay coast where you will be humbled by face to face encounters with the undisputed lords of this area: the mighty polar bear. This area hosts significant polar bear denning activity and mothers and cubs frequently call this coastline home as they patiently await the return of the winter feasting.

Duration: 8 Days (7 Nights) $11,295

Seal River Heritage Lodge, located 60 beautiful kilometers by air from Churchill, Manitoba, will be your home away from home for this exciting week. Known as the Polar Bear and Beluga Whale Capital of the World, this area is also the best place to see large congregations of beluga whales as thousands of them calve in the protection of the Hudson Bay each summer. Both bears and whales, along with the thousands of birds, will be in your backyard-literally.

Duration: 7 Days (6 Nights) $10,995

Your journey of exploration and adventure will take place at our Polar Bear Lodge at Dymond Lake, approximately 30 kilometers by air from Churchill, Manitoba. This dynamic seaport has long been known as the -Polar Bear Capital of the World' as approximately 1,200 of these enormous bears congregate on the Hudson Bay come fall in wait for the freeze. You'll meet several of these animals up-close and on their turf on your Great Ice Bear adventure at our eco-lodge and/or on your Churchill town buggy adventure.

Exploring the winter tundra brings you face-to-face with Churchill’s main attraction: the mighty polar bear. Flocks of birds native to the land colour the spring and fall with their wings. Late summer in Hudson Bay attracts as many as 3,000 beluga whales. High above it all, the northern lights twinkle and dance, lighting up your night with an incredible magic. The people here are as welcoming as the wildlife. The locals love sharing their stories, and in the authentic northern lodges, the food and friends are as hearty as home.

Six thousand years ago, people travelled to the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers to meet, trade and share experiences. With one of the largest French-speaking communities outside Quebec on the east bank and the Forks on the west, Winnipeg remains a significant crossroads of culture, commerce, and tourism. Today, Winnipeg is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with an innovative arts scene, compelling history, tantalizing restaurants, fabulous shopping, and a dynamic music and entertainment scene. Located at the heart of North America, the city boasts a population of more than 778,000 people known for their friendly, welcoming spirit.

Visit our north, where polar bears and beluga whales gather in incredible numbers. Venture south, where rural towns mix rich history with the modern day. Or land in Wininpeg and take part in the city’s cultural festivals that fill the year with adventures.

Top 10 Things to See and Do:

  1. Swim with thousands of beluga whales in- Churchill (July-August) 
  2. Stare into the eyes of a polar bear in-Churchill (October-November) 
  3. Canada’s newest National Museum – The Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg 
  4. Experience Winnipeg, a multi-cultural oasis 
  5. Fish for monster cat Fish in-Lockport 
  6. Walk amongst the bison of Riding Mountain National Park 
  7. Hike the Canadian Shield in Whiteshell Provincial Park 
  8. Endless yellow fields of canola throughout the Interlake region (July-September) 
  9. A dancing sky of aurora borealis-Churchill (February-March) 
  10. Skating on the world’s longest ice rink (January- March) 

Travel Tips:

Manitoba’s diverse ecosystems offer a variety of wildlife, terrain and climate. From prairie to tundra, adventure and nature is around every corner. Be sure to bring your bring your camera, and your sense of adventure!

Weather/ Climate:

Season: Temperature Range (Celsius) Seasonal Comments
Summer 13°C to 26°C Prone to high humidity
Winter -13°C to -20°C  

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