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Northwest Territories

Create a Magical Northern Adventure in the Northwest Territories. View awesome displays of Northern Lights at midnight in autumn and winter. Fish for world class trophies on one of our super-sized lakes in the long days of northern summer. Or you could drive across the Arctic Circle to the amazing Mackenzie Delta, on the Dempster Highway.

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Duration: Classic Tour - 11 Days (10 Nights) $2,440

Experience the north and the summer solstice in the land where the sun never sets. Journey through grasslands and boreal forests, by lakes and rivers, and learn the ways of the north from the people who have always been there.

Duration: 3 Days (2 Nights) $2300

Experience the magic of the North during the Winter and Spring. This Authentic Arctic experience includes return flights to Inuvik from Yellowknife, and two nights accommodation at Inuvik’s top hotel, shuttles to/from the Inuvik airport, and last but not least, our Tuktoyatuk Ice Road Tour!

Duration: 3 Days (2 Nights) $408

This is a one-of-a kind experience: two private floating homes at anchor in gorgeous Yellowknife Bay, 200 meters from shore, with perfect views of the Yellowknife floating home community and of the Northern Lights! Our eco, off-grid floating homes are premium-built residences with all the amenities, frozen-in during winter and floating in the summer!

Duration: 4 Days (3 Nights) $3,009

Combine two legendary northern icons in one dramatic trip. Accompanied by your Dene guide, cruise the headwaters of the mighty Mackenzie River (Dehcho) from Fort Providence to Fort Simpson. Immerse yourself in the culture of the Dehcho. Then take flight over Nahanni National Park Reserve, to view Virginia Falls, and spectacular mountain scenery at this World Heritage Site.

Duration: 4 Days (3 Nights) $1,581

Test your mettle against Great Northern Pike, the voracious fish of Great Slave Lake. Join your master guide and learn more about the Great Northern Pike, its behaviour, its movements, likes and dislikes. Come and put into practice those Trophy Pike Fishing techniques and experience the challenge of catching a fish of a lifetime.

Duration: 3 Days (2 Nights) $1135

Thrilling tour to the heart of the NWT wilderness. You’ll travel to one of Northern Canada’s most remote, and largest lakes. Overlooking the east arm of Great Slave Lake, Blachford Lake Lodge is an oasis in an ocean of wilderness. Relax in the Northwest Territories wilderness and marvel at the brilliant Midnight Sun in summer.

Duration: 3 Days (2 Nights) $1135

Thrilling tour to the heart of the NWT wilderness. You’ll travel to one of Northern Canada’s most remote, and largest lakes. Overlooking the east arm of Great Slave Lake, Blachford Lake Lodge is an oasis in an ocean of wilderness. Enjoy winter activities and marvel at views of the Northern Lights.

Duration: 3 Days (2 Nights) $1135

Again this year, the doors at Blachford Lake Lodge will be open in time to welcome guests from around the world to spend a magical holiday season in our cozy lodge that is surrounded by a true winter wonderland. Bring your family, partner, friends, or come by yourself - we look forward to sharing this wonderful time of the year with you!

Fort Simpson is the only Village in the NWT and are proud of their unique small-town status. Their smaller size (pop. 1250) means that they really do notice travellers. They want to make your visit a memorable one. Whether you have come to experience the Dene culture, witness the terrifying rumble of Virginia Falls, or slip a canoe into the mighty Mackenzie River (the Dene name is Dehcho), the businesses and people are ready to accommodate your needs.

From the mesmerizing displays of the aurora borealis to the never-ending days spent under the midnight sun, Inuvik, Northwest Territories is a destination of multiple extremes that will keep you wanting more.

This is the North’s capital of cool. Here you’ll find it all: Skyscrapers rearing up from the outcrops, casting long shadows over Great Slave Lake. Sailboats tacking through the gleaming waves and floatplanes looping in the cloudless sky. A festival in an ice-palace, and a music concert on a sandy lakeshore. A clutch of houseboats, bright and offbeat and rocking gently on the swells. A smorgasbord of flavors: Ethiopian restaurants, sushi joints, and wine bars that serve muskox burgers. Log cabins beside mansions beside houses shaped like teepees. Visitors from Japan, Toronto, Tuktoyaktuk. And a whole bunch of friendly, off-beat locals, making their home and having a heckuva time in the biggest little city in Canada.

Hike in a National Park at the top of the world, where caribou spend the summer. Canoe a wild northern river few have ever seen. Hop a bush plane and go flightseeing over the Nahanni, the Mackenzie Delta, or Great Slave Lake's East Arm. Or relax aboard a jet boat, and travel a northern river to a secluded mountain lodge.

Drive the uncrowded roads and marvel at the wildlife. Roadside parks and campgrounds will welcome you. Wildlife, wood bison, moose and bears, can be spotted right from the highway. And rare birds from across the Americas nest here each summer. 

Top 10 Things to See and Do:

    1. Stand on a frozen lake and watch the night sky light up as the Northern Lights pass by.
    2. Hike in a National Park at the top of the world.
    3. Canoe in Fort Simpson.
    4. Drive a Northern Dogteam and meet experienced mushers.
    5. Experience world class fishing.
    6. Take to the sky for a birds eye view with a flight-seeing tour.
    7. Drive on a true ice road.
    8. Golf around the clock in the summer. With 24 hours of daylight during June and July there is no shortage of time.
    9. Join a guided nature tour and view the abundant
    10. Ride to a remote lake on a snowmobile and try ice fishing.

Weather/ Climate:

Season: Temperature Range (Celsius) Seasonal Comments
Summer  20°C to 29°C
Winter -20°C to -30°C

You must dressed appropriately for winter weather. You will want to layer your clothing under a jacket. Please call us for a full list of what we would suggest you pack.

Fall 0°C to 10°C

Fall months are September/October


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