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Ontario - Unique Experiences and Wildlife

The breathtaking four-seasonal palette of Ontario's vast wilderness, endless forests and abundant wildlife, awaits.

Whether you want to reconvene with nature or lose yourself in the excitement of the most multiculturally diverse and socially cohesive region on Earth, you've come to the right place. Let Ontario surprise you with the striking beauty of her scenery and welcome you with the warmth of her people.

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Ontario is Canada's largest multi-cultural and diverse province. It is no wonder that this multi-faceted province offers a plethora of cultural experiences. Discover the unique experiences, local hot spots and diverse neighbourhoods that define Ontario’s cities. 

Top Things to See and Do:

  1. Niagara Falls. Honeymoon clichés notwithstanding, this is a don't-miss spot. The true essence of Niagara Falls has been the same for centuries—it’s simply an awe-inspiring spot to experience the raw power of nature.
  2. Ottawa: The regal buildings of Parliament Hill, perched on a bluff overlooking the Ottawa River, leave no doubt that Ottawa is the seat of Canada’s government and an exceedingly attractive capital to boot.
  3. Thousand Islands: For dozens of miles downstream from Kingston, the wide, blue St. Lawrence River is dotted with more than a thousand tree-filled islands. The result is an idyllic environment for boating, swimming, fishing, and scuba diving in cold, clear waters.
  4. Stratford Shakespeare Festival: The play’s the thing in Stratford, at least from April through October when the town’s legendary theater company performs on four different stages scattered around a community that shares more than a name with its famed English counterpart
  5. Ontario’s Wine Route: While not as well known as Napa or as celebrated as Sonoma, Ontario is home to one of Canada’s two major wine regions (southern British Columbia is the other). Vineyards on the Niagara Peninsula make for marvelous touring in warmer months. 

Weather/ Climate: 

Season: Temperature Range (Celsius)  Seasonal Comments 
15°C to 28°C  
Fall 14°C to 22°C  
Winter -1°C to -10°C  
Spring  13°C to 21°C  

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