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Saskatchewan is one big, beautiful place. Land and sky are ever-present influences. Nature is always in your backyard. Overhead, dramatic “Living Skies” command attention. Sunsets reveal colours rarely seen. Brilliant sunshine prolongs summer days and warms the chill of winter. Night skies (some of the darkest in North America) showcase the infinite wonders of the cosmos.

The hospitality here is second-to-none. Visitors are immediately made to feel like part of the community, like a member of the family. No matter what part of Saskatchewan you choose to explore, no matter how long you decide to stay, the essence of this place will make a memorable impression.

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Duration: 14 Days (13 Nights) $4009

Connecting the landscapes of snowy peak mountains, lush forests and emerald lakes with big blue skies, wide open spaces and freshwater lakes you will experience the warm hospitality of crossing the prairie provinces.

Duration: 3 Days (2 Nights) $185

You will find a surprise around every corner in Saskatchewan's East Central Region. View the vast numbers of birds that migrate through the area, experience the unique communities and cultural diversity and relax in the natural healing spa.

Duration: 3 Days (2 Nights) $165

Regina is a beautiful oasis on the prairies with more than 350,000 hand-planted trees.

Duration: 3 Days (2 Nights) $275

Saskatoon is a thriving city graced with the vibrant beauty of nature. Divided by the winding South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon's east and west face are joined by a series of bridges and lined with several kilometers of trails to jog, walk and explore.

Duration: Classic Tour - 33 Days (32 Nights) $7,665

This tour is a “bucket list” adventure. Experience this magnificent country as you travel from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean on a tour specifically designed to show you the panoramic beauty and rich cultural diversity that is “Our Canada”!

Home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Regina, Saskatchewan has become a prime destination for travelers looking for a traditionally warm Canadian welcome. As a city growing in size, prosperity and pride Regina is quickly making a name for itself on national and international stages. We welcome you to witness a place that has gone from a barren, prairie field to one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. Thousands of hand-planted trees and man-made pathways and lakes have paved the way for breath-taking attractions and gorgeous landscapes. We offer a fresh approach with new itinerary suggestions and updates on exciting authentic Regina tourism products.

From the bustling city centre to the gentle flow of the South Saskatchewan River; from its quiet trails to the lively bars and restaurants; Saskatoon offers visitors the opportunity to slow down, take it all in, and truly explore this unique urban experience. As a big city that remembers that it used to be a small town, guests can find their inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds Saskatoon, while enjoying the amenities of a major city. Attractions based on history, culture, arts and First Nations heritage provide a unique opportunity for both FIT and groups.

A four-season destination, Saskatchewan offers an impressive range of travel offerings and experiences, from thrilling outdoor recreation and adventure to peaceful, relaxing getaways; from exploring nature to enjoying lively urban hotspots. A vibrant artistic and cultural landscape, colourful festivals and a delicious culinary scene provide unforgettable travel memories. 

Top 10 Things to See and Do:

  1. Parks – Saskatchewan has two national, 35 provincial and 80 regional parks, with more than 400 campgrounds throughout the province. 
  2. World-class fishing – Saskatchewan’s nearly 100,000 lakes offer limitless angling adventures and an abundance of trophy-sized catches. 
  3. Paddle the Churchill River – For avid canoeists and kayakers, Saskatchewan ranks among the top great adventure destinations. 
  4. Wildlife up close – A trek through Prince Albert National Park takes you into Plains bison country. Be on the lookout for elk, moose, deer, wolves, bear and the countless species that inhabit this beautiful transition eco-region. 
  5. Golf – Saskatchewan boasts nearly 300 golf courses, more per capita than anywhere else in the world. 
  6. Stargazing – Canada’s largest dark sky preserve is in southwest Saskatchewan. In the north, brilliant Aurora Borealis commonly animates the night sky. 
  7. Western adventures – Blaze your own trail as you experience the traditional cowboy lifestyle first-hand at working guest ranches. 
  8. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) history – Retrace the origins of Canada’s iconic force at the RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan’s capital. 
  9. Rejuvenating water – Little Manitou Lake’s mineral-rich water has therapeutic qualities and remarkable buoyancy. You simply cannot sink! 
  10. Culinary pleasures – Saskatchewan’s culinary scene stretches from city to town to village where imaginative chefs and restaurateurs are inspired by locally grown fare. 

Weather/ Climate:

Season: Temperature Range (Celsius) Seasonal Comments
Spring  5°C to 20°C  
Summer 20°C to 35°C Light sweaters are recommended for evenings, but days are long and bright! 
Fall  5°C to 20°C  
Winter 5°C to -30°C Dress warm! But don’t worry – it’s a “dry cold” 

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