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The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are the secret of the South Pacific. The 15 Cook Islands lie halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. No chain restaurants or brand hotels. It’s a place preserved in time yet still blessed with all the modern amenities of today like 5-star properties, wi-fi, and gourmet restaurant options. In the Cooks, adventures are everywhere if you’re looking for it, but total relaxation is always with you.

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Duration: 4 Days (3 Nights) $1,055

Just a 40 minute flight from Rarotonga, this tropical island paradise is known for its stunning turquoise lagoon, deserted islands and white sand beaches. A lagoon cruise is an absolute must and is the best way to fully appreciate how beautiful this part of the Pacific really is. Cruise the calm waters stopping at secluded islands to swim, laze on the beach and snorkel amongst the colourful and friendly tropical fish..

Duration: 6 Days (5 Nights) $649

Rarotonga is the vibrant centre of the Cook Islands, 32km in circumference the island is dominated by high mountain peaks, lush rainforest and a palm fringed shoreline. Submerge yourself into the vibrant culture of song, dance and age old traditions that is so much a part of the Cook Islands way of life. For a small island paradise, Rarotonga offers an impressive range of accommodation, dining and activity options.

Duration: 14 days (12 nights) $3,299

To most of us, family and friends are our top priority. However, it’s also a well known fact that these days we spend longer hours than ever before at work. Result? A priority shift. Solution? Learn from the Polynesians who know how to get life in balance. Take a trip to the place where family is the most important factor in daily life. You and the kids can be immersed in the picture postcard perfection.

Duration: 13 Days (12 Nights) $3,157

A lifetime of happiness together begins here. If you are after endless ways to enjoy the warm azure lagoons then kayaking, snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding or simply working on your tan while cruising the lagoon are just some of the ways to explore our lagoons together.Whatever your honeymoon style is – we have it covered.

Duration: 14 Days (12 Nights) $1,999

Surround yourself with stunning tropical beauty and the world's friendliest people at the Sunset Resort in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Embrace the island lifestyle while relaxing on a premiere beach and witness the exact moment when the sun kisses the ocean. The pearly white sand, swaying palms and corral reef creates a serene ambiance.

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A mix of coral atolls and volcanic islands – a good few of the nine Southern islands of the Cooks could be listed as “must see before I die”. An idyllic climate, stunning scenery, warm-hearted people and a desirable way of life where “hurry” has not been coined, make them irresistible. Bush clad volcanic peaks descend to glistening white sands and the inevitable palm-fringed blue lagoons: The Cook Islands is an Island Paradise. Rarotonga - the main island - and Aitutaki – breathtakingly beautiful – dominate the call of the conch. Six of these beautiful Cook Islands lie to the north. Described as “the stuff that dreams are made of”, their remote appeal pulls at the hearts of explorers, adventurers, authors and artists. Each island is unique.


Top 10 Things to See and Do:

  1. Our beaches: sugar white sand, swaying palms and zero crowds
  2. Visit Aitutaki: arguably the world’s most beautiful lagoon
  3. Our lagoons: gorgeous blue, perfect for diving and snorkeling
  4. Our cultural nights: celebrations of Cook Islands Polynesian heritage
  5. Astoundingly good food: seafood to locally sourced produce
  6. Endless adventures abound: both by land and sea
  7. Saturday Morning Market: meet and eat with the locals
  8. Our people: some of the friendliest people on Earth
  9. Churches: a spiritual experience unlike anywhere else on earth
  10. Relax: turn off your phone and your mind in paradise

Travel Tips:

  • Currency is the New Zealand Dollar.
  • English is the first language
  • Getting here is a breeze: non-stop flights weekly from Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia with daily Flights from Auckland, New Zealand.
  • A valid passport is all that is required for entry.
  • Your valid driver’s license from your home country entitles you to drive in the Cook Islands.

Weather/ Climate:

Season: Temperature Range (Celsius)  Seasonal Comments
Spring  22°C to 28°C Tropical showers, higher
sunny mornings
Summer 22°C to 28°C Tropical showers, higher
sunny mornings
Fall  19°C to 25°C Dry, cooler temperatures,
less storms
Winter 19°C to 25°C  Dry, cooler temperatures,
less storms

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